We provide the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Product Selection
  • Design
  • Budgeting
  • Estimating
  • Complimentary Field Measure
  • Project Coordination
  • Installation Service
  • Delivery


At your request, we are providing this list of Licensed Home Improvement Contractors that are licensed by the State of Maryland’s Home Improvement Commission that we have found to provide quality installations for our previous clients. We have found that the level of competence, service and attitude toward the customers they have provided work for has been exemplary.

We offer these names as a convenience to our valued clients. By no way should it be inferred that we take any gratuity from these contractors nor is any other favor or barter provided from these contractors to us for this referral. Also, you are under no obligation to utilize their services. Furthermore, we have no interest in these companies whatsoever.

It is recommended that each client do their due diligence when contracting the services for their installations, including calling the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to verify licensing and any record on file as well as calling the Better Business Bureau for their record on any contractor you may utilize.

Housewright Co. MHIC#18026
Stuart Garbis:  Cell:410-677-5818
Email: [email protected]

Liberty Home Improvement, Inc.
MHIC #89564
Alex Shvartsman:     Cell : 410-458-1990
Email: [email protected]

SOMAT Remodeling Services, LLC
Renzo Veliz:     Cell 301-283-1328
Email: [email protected]

RTS Home Improvement     MHIC #75943
Robert Reed:   Cell:  443-854-5552
Email: [email protected] 

K. A. Wallace Contracting & More     MHIC #84401
Keith Wallace:  Cell: 443-929-2866  Office: 410-840-8513
Email: [email protected] 

First Start, LLC    MHIC #120458
Dave Blustein Cell: 443-629-4522
Email: [email protected]